mounting a small display

Here’s a job I did recently for someone building their own arcade style game unit. He had a cute little USB driven display that he wanted to use for stuff like game selection and to reset the main unit in case the software developed indigestion from an improperly handled exception or an interrupt gone wrong. This was the end result:

Here’s a pic of one of the standoffs I made to attach the mounting ears of the display to the front plate:

The gray stuff it’s embedded in is some scrap acrylic I used for a test cut. The next picture shows the back of the aluminum plate.

Since the standoffs were to be epoxied to the plate I made the base big for extra glue contact. I also made him a router template that he used to precisely cut the plywood parts. He sent me DXF’s output from Adobe Illustrator, which seems to be a favorite among game modders.


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