The Kontraptionist

To characterize Andy Baker (aka “The Kontraptionist”) as “insanely great” might be a bit of and understatement. He and his small band of highly intelligent misfit henchmen swat off rats in a cramped shop located in a seedy part of Brooklyn and build stuff that’s absolutely brilliant. Andy’s blog is a frequent source of amusement and inspiration. His shop does full service design/build for artists, galleries, individuals, and industry.

Here’s a picture of his shop dog “Bandit” relaxing on the table of the CNC router which he designed in Solidworks and built himself. That’s a nice small cyclone dust collector in the back with a full six inch duct right to the cutting area. The piece of metal on the table with all the square holes in it is what’s left after making parts for a large ipad charging station.




My router has comparable aluminum cutting capabilities.


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